Link is a seventeen-year-old L.o.Z. hero and the main character. He had so much adventures in L.o.Z. and he can swordfight. Link has a fanon twin sister called Alinka the L.o.A. hero and the main character too. But not only her, he has two fanon cousin who they borned as white angel and black angel, Sparklink who likes sparkles and lights and Blink who looks evil, but he's kind and good inside. Link's truly annoyest problem is Mario's head, who everyone knows him.


Personality: brave, daring, funny (sometimes), loyal, kind, a bit boastful.

Family: Alinka (twin sister), Sparklink (cousin), Blink (cousin).

Age: 17

Likes: his friends, being handsome (sometimes), annoying Ghirahim and making him ugly.

Dislikes: Mario's Head (it makes him scary), Ghirahim (the most 100%)

Friends: Anamary (the most), Surprise (the most of the UNIVERSE), his relatives, Sonic (BFF), Mario (BFF), the SSBB characters (except the villains), Kamira (a bit much), Toon Link (the most).

Enemies: Evimira, Ghirahim (the most 100%), Ganondorf, the L.o.Z. bosses.

Powers/Weapons: sword, shield, bows and arrows, bombs, the Triforce (final smash).