Dipper is a Hylian cat hybrid and a Zipper's twin sister. Everyone considered Dipper as a cat who has the longest claws than the other cats. 


Dipper is grey, white, pink and purple. Her paws are light blue. She has a rainbow diamond on her body. The first leg has a heart with a Triforce pendant, and the second leg has grey diamonds. Her first eye is red and the second eye is green and she has long eyelashes. She has a black diamond on her face, a blue nose and a mouth with sharp teethg. Her hair is pink and purple. Her ears are pink and purple too, one ear has a rainbow diamond earwear. She has a red and white collar with golden diamonds. She has black longer claws which Dipper can scratch her enemies.

Powers Edit

Dipper is considered a lord, but she's not a sword. She can teleport and shoot daggers on her enemies and scratch them with her claws. Dipper can do a spin attack with her tail. When there's a revenge or a battle, Dipper can turn into her special super strong form.


Specie: Hylian cat hybrid

Relatives: Zipper (twin sister) 

Friends: AnamarySurprise, Link, more....

Enemies: (unknown!)

Likes: her friends, diamonds, her sister.

Dislikes: her enemies, the evil.

Personality: good, friendly, overprotective, nice, brave, smart, calm.

Age: (same as Zipper)